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These are the VERY BEST Money Making Sites on the Internet. Tried & Tested!!

So you want to make money online? Here are the reviews of the BEST methods available to the home internet user!

90% of websites claiming to have the answers to all your money making needs are scams! Internet Money Report has been developed to point you in the right direction. Genuine sites that offer realistic information, systems, programs and solutions to earning money from your home computer. After some extensive testing and researching we bring you insightful reviews of the BEST products. We currently feature 5 sections to this area. Take a look at ALL of the sections and decide which ones appeal to you. Good Luck…

Affiliate Programs (pay per click)
This is the most powerful solution currently available on the net. It’s making more millionaires a year then any other internet industry. Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting or advertising internet products. Many affiliate products offer up to 75% commission on new sales. The systems featured on this site give you all the information and resources needed to set up numerous streams of income that run by them selves.
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EBay Power Selling
These resource sites give you all the information needed to start your own EBay store. The great thing about these systems is all you need is a home computer, the internet and a little bit of time. No need for staff, a warehouse or even stock! You never have or see the stock. Businesses called Drop Shippers will dispatch your items for you. These systems give you all you need to know to become a highly completive EBay seller.
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Get Paid to Go Shopping
This is the COOLEST way to get paid!! Known as mystery shopping, it’s been about for years, and can now be organised and managed online. It’s the process of receiving an assignment, going to a store, restaurant, theatre etc and trying a service or product. Then you spend 10 minutes reporting your findings. The mystery shopper company pays for the product, lets you keep it and pays for your time.
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Get Paid to Take Surveys
If you’ve got an opinion then you can make money completing surveys online. The sites listed help you find and register to as many survey and focus group companies as possible. You can make up to 25 dollars per survey and normally only take 10 minutes to fill in.
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Earn Money by Being Social
This section only features 1 site. But it’s a very special site. Yuwie is the first social network (like facebook or myspace) to pay its users for using the site. You also make money on the activity of all the people you invite to join Yuwie. The BEST part is - IT’S FREE!! And a masses of FUN!
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Affiliate Programs
EBay Power Selling
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Affiliate Programs EBay Power Selling Get Paid to go Shopping
Earn Money by Being Social Get Paid to Take Online Surveys  
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